1st HALFMARATHON Riviera Gradac 2018


Organizer :

Sports Association SUN RUN GRADAC


Sponsors :

Municipality of Gradac and Tourist board of Gradac Municipality


Data and location :

May 1st 2018 , Gradac , Soline Square


Start time /  race route / race length :

At 09:00 a.m. / Gradac , Soline Square , 21,1 km


Race route :

START : Soline Square Gradac , Uz Kuk , Obala Bošac , promenade Gradac - Brist , 

Litnoga , Miošići , Pakline , Slakovac , Peća , Blatnice , Zvirine , promenade Brist - Podaca , Ravanje , magistrala Trg A. Starčevića , Primorski put , Viskovića vala , promenade Podaca - Kapeć , Kapeć , Obala Hrvatskih domoljuba , Lučica , promenade Zaostrog -Drvenik , Gornja vala , TURNSTIL , Gornja vala , promenade Zaostrog-Drvenik , Lučica , Obala Hrvatskih domoljuba , Kapeć , promenade Podaca - Kapeć , Viskovića vala , Primorski put , main road - Trg A. Starčevića , Ravanje , Zvirine , Blatnice , Peća , Slakovac , Pakline , Miošići , Litnoga , promenade Gradac - Brist , Obala Bošac , Lovora , Jadranska , Obala , FINISH LINE : Soline Square Gradac


The race path : 

mostly flat with a couple of short ascents and downhill runs through Gradac , Brist , Podaca , Zaostrog i Drvenik and the seafront promenades connecting team . Evry 3 km are refreshment points where you will be offered water and fruit by our volunteers


Race limit :

- 3 hours - all parrticipants who are on track after this time limit will be considered disqualified , maximum 300 runners


Start package includes :

- a chipped start number

- a dry fit T-shirt with the race logo

- a medal with the race logo

- refreshment

- right to photos / official album

- cooked beans + beer / juice


Starting fee :

- from January 25th to February 28th is ... € 14     

- from March 1st to April 15th is ... € 18 

- from April 16th to April 20th is ... € 20 


The PRIZE FUND is € 1340  :

Men :

1st place - € 335 

2nd place - € 200 

3rd place - € 135 

Women :

1st place - € 335 

2nd place - € 200 

3rd place - € 135 


The winner in each of these age cathegories gets a SUN RUN CUP :

M and F born in 1984 and younger

M and F A35 born between 1973-1983

M and F A40 born between 1974-1978

M and F A45 born between 1969-1973

M and F A50 born between 1964-1968

M and F A55 born between 1959-1963

M and F A60 born between 1954-1958

M and F A65 born between 1949-1953

M and F A70 born in 1948 and older


                      Sports Association "SUN RUN GRADAC"



Each competitor in the race accepts the following conditions by signing up and participating :


1. By signing up and participating , the competitor acknowledges that he / she takes part in the race solely at his own risk , aware that participation in this race represents a potential danger involving the risk of various bodily injuries and possible death .


2. The contestant acknowledges that the Organizer is not responsible for any form of damage caused to him by participating in the contest , either indirectly, directly, isolatedly or connectedly, caused by his own negligence and fault , or negligence and fault of other contestants or third parties before , during or after the mentioned competition .


3. The competitor is liable for any form of harm to any third party that he/she has caused or assisted to by his own negligence or fault .


4. The competitor is obliged to comply to the official rules , to instructions on safe movement and to conditions of performance issued by the organizer , as well as the instructions of the judges , guards and persons involved in the organization of the on-the-field racing, before , during and after the race .


5. The competitor waives any right to claim from the organizer compensation for any kind of damage caused by his/her participation in the race .



                       1st HALFMARATHON Riviera Gradac 2018



The race is organized by the Sports Association SUN RUN GRADAC in cooperation with Gradac Municipality and the Tourist Board of Gradac Municipality .



Minimum age of contestants participating in the

1st HALFMARATHON Riviera Gradac ( 21.1 km ) is 16 years .

By signing up for the race and participating in it all contestants acknowledge :  that they do it solely at their own risk , that they have become familiar with the rules of the race to which they will comply and that they are aware that participation in this race represents a potential danger which involves the risk of various bodily injuries and possible death .



 Each competitor will get a start number / timing chip ( provided by the organizer ) that must be worn throughout the race . The number must be clearly visible on the chest or the abdomen and should not be covered with a backpack or clothing item .



Time to finish the race  1st HALFMARATHON Riviera Gradac ( 21.1 km )

is 3 hours.



Refreshment is provided every 3 km on the refreshment stations along the racetrack and in the finish area .



If the withdrawal is caused by injury and if the competitor is unable to continue to the refreshment station or the finish area , he / she must contact the organizer via mobile phone . In case of withdrawal , injuries or injuries of other competitors please contact the organizer at the following number : +385 (0) 91/2776690




Competitors will be disqualified in case of any use of any means of transport during the race , movement outside the marked race path , replacement of competitive numbers , non-conforming behavior and disrespect of the organizer's decisions .



Appeals are submitted to the Sports Association SUN RUN GRADAC in writing , within 3 days upon completion of the competition .



The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the track , refreshment stations and help stations at any time and without  further notice .

Contestants will be informed about any possible changes via the official website. In case of particularly adverse weather conditions, the race may be canceled .



By signing up and participating in the race , the contestants agree that all recorded photographic and video material may be publicly displayed and used for promotional purposes of the race .